Automatic L-sealers FP Series FP 6000


Modularity and excellent price/quality ratios are the main features characterizing the fully automatic L-sealers of the FP6000 - FP6000CS - FP8000CS series. All the models of this range can indeed be supplied with or without shrink tunnel. The FP series can handle both Poliolefin and Polyethylene film and runs up to 3000 pack/hour


 FP6000 Model

• Automatic L-sealer

• Output up to 2400 packs/hour

• Sealing bar: 640 x 510 mm

• Maximum pack height: 150 mm

• Conveyor closing system included in the machine price

• 20 on memory programs

• Available on request in stainless steel

Main features

• PTFE-coated sealing blade

• Automatic cycle sealing

• Flextron® control system equipped with:

1.  alphanumeric LCD control panel provided with a

16-bit microprocessor card and solid state relays

2. modular power section made up by:

-  power card (Power Base)

-  Inverter cards for each motor

-  IN/OUT (inlet/outlet) control modules

This system allows a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:

»  automatic control of the sealing bar height

»  double adjustment of the sealing blade temperature, both lengthways and broadways

»  sealing time adjustment

»  possibility of packing single packs or multipacks

»  speed of conveyors electronically adjustable from the control panel

»  process statistics:

-  piece counter

-  measurement of the pack length

-  real-time output

-  machine performance

-  control of irregular packs

• Film that can be used: Polyolefins and Polyethylene up to 30 my

• Reduced power consumption

• Compliance with CE regulations
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