Automatic Strapping Machine - High-speed world-class machine for small or round package Mercury TP-702RS


Mercury TP-702RS is suitable for small or round packages of plastic pipes, steel rod, hardwood, etc. It can strap packages as small as 40 mm(W) x 10 mm(H) or round package as small as Ø32 mm x 2 pieces. The TP-702RS strapping machine provides reliable high speed performance for small or round package applications.

Main Features
        Free Access to Strap Guides (patents registered)
                  Waist-High Quick Coil Change (patents registered)
        Waist-High Auto Strap Feeding
                   Turnable Operating Control Panel
        Front Foot-Bar Switch

More Features
    Robust & Compact Mechanical Strapping Head
    Auto Strap Ejector
    Dispenser Release Switch
    Sensor Controlled Heater
    Low Voltage
    Strap End Ejector
    Adjustable Table Height


    Photo-Eye Switch
    Rear Foot Bar Switch
    Max. tension up to 45 kg (for 9 mm)
Technical Data
P.P. Strap Requirement     5 mm, 6 mm, or 9 mm
Speed Per Minute     65 straps
Strap Tension     1-32 kg
Net Weight     157 kg
Electrical Requirement     110V, 220V, 230V 50/60Hz 1PH

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